JCP Associate Kiosk Login to Access Jcpenney Kiosk at [2022]

If you work at JCPenney and want to manage your work efficiently, then you must know about JCP Associate Kiosk Login. Your login details will help you except Jcpenney Kiosk for associates at

The associate kiosk health of the employees of JCPenney to access all the workplace details at the one-stop portal. If you are worried about managing your work, then you can use this portal to access the work schedule, check your payment details and absence details, manage your leaves, and do a lot more to make your work easier.

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The JCPenney Associate Kiosk Login employee portal makes all the difference when it comes to increasing productivity and managing work efficiently. The portal will give you all the access to the information you want, so you don’t have to wait too long to find your work details.

You can find all the answers to the queries related to your employment, and you can coordinate with different departments using this portal.


What is JCP Associate Kiosk Login?

JCP Associate Kiosk Login includes the credentials given to all the Jcpassociates of the company. These are secure credentials that will help you access your account on the official employee portal.

what is jcpenney associate

If you are trying to find the relevant information related to your work, such as your work schedule, the details about your account, any company updates, information about your payment, or check the status of your leave using Jcpassociates Kiosk.

Overall, the portal makes the work life of associates or employees very easy. It helps everyone manage their workload so that the stress is reduced.

Benefits of JCPenny Associate Kiosk Login

  • Secure access to the portl
  • Easy connection to all services
  • 24/7 access
  • Easy to connect to HR

What is JCPenney Associate Kiosk?

We briefly talked about Jcp Login and JCP Employee Kiosk. Now, let us understand what the portal offers to the Employees.

Nowadays, every company has its own employee management system. The system ensures that all the work gets completed in time and does not put too much pressure on the employees.

Every now and then, employees need to access essential work-related information. They need to change their address, find out about the compensation, check their retirement plans, etc.

Often employees had to ask the HR manager whether the leave application was approved or not. But no employees can check such timing details using the JCPenney Employee Kiosk.

JCPenney is one of the oldest and most popular brands in The United States of America. More than 100 thousand employees are working with the company at different locations.

JCPenny Associate Kiosk Login Benefits

  • Access your electronic w2s
  • Check your health care and medical plans
  • Find the tax information
  • Accept the salary information
  • Find all the details about the pension plan and 401k
  • Check your progress and all the benefits related to it
  • Check pay stubs and view and print payslips
  • All the details about your leaves
  • Check time off details
  • See the current employee discount details

JCP Benefit Center

The benefits centre of JCP will help you answer all the queries related to your worker benefits and help you learn more about your eligibility to get these benefits.

  • Get help related to your Insurance Scheme.
  • Find out about your eligibility for all the benefits of the company
  • Find what retirement benefits you will get and also related to pension.
  • Get all kinds of legal help at JCPenney Benefit Center for your legal queries.
  • Check the details about your uniform or dress code.
  • Check your benefits related to time off.

Tip: If you have any specific doubts or questions, contact the benefits centre using 1-888-890-8900.

You will get help from the JC Penney team for any issue. The call timing is 8:00 a.m. – 8 p.m. Please follow Central time. For more details, you can always check out the company’s official website.

Requirements for JCP Associate Kiosk Login

  • You must be an employee of JCP
  • Official folder URL of JCPenney Associate Kiosk
  • The new version of the browser for smooth functioning.
  • A device to connect to the website like a PC, Mobile, or Tablet.
  • JCPenney Associate Kiosk Login details

How to Acccess JCPenny Associate Kiosk Login Account?

Logging into your Jcp Associate Kiosk account is very easy. It will only need your username and password. Just follow the steps,

click on jcpassociates kiosk at home in jcpenny website

  • Once the page opens, please choose the “Associates Kiosk At Home” option.
  • It will open a login screen where you have to enter the credentials,

login to jcpenny associate kiosk account

  • First, insert your username.
  • Then had your password.
  • After that, please click to log in.

How to Reset JCP Associate Kiosk Login Password

If you forgot your associate kiosk account password, then you must follow the procedure to reset it as follows,

  • Open JCP Kiosk at

click on preferred option in jcpenny login page

  • Please choose the highlighted button in the above image.
  • It will open the password reset screen.

reset jcpenny associate kiosk login password

  • Please add your employee number in the highlighted blank.
  • Now you must click on the search.

How to Recover my JCP Associate Kiosk Login Employee ID?

Your employee ID is your official identity. You can use it to connect to the portal and access all the services. But, if you have forgotten your employee ID, there is no direct way to recover it.

To get back your employee ID, you have to contact: 1-800-879-1111.

Tip: In case you already have a token from the help desk, you need to activate your account and confirm your identity by clicking this link – Click here

JCPenney Former Associate Kiosk Login Steps

If you are a former employee of JCP, then you can access the JCP Kiosk for associates. You can check the details and get the documents you want using this portal.

  • Painting about the kiosk associate portal is that even if you are a former employee, you are authorized to access it.
  • All the former employees can access the associate portal only for 18 months.
  • The excess portal will be limited to paycheck details, w2 forms, checking tax-related information and others.
  • If you apply the older password and username and open the associate portal after 18 months, you will be restricted and not be allowed access.
  • It will have the user ID to accept the portal, similar to your previous employee ID. It will have 9 digits.
  • It will have your random password of 11 digits. It will include your personal details, such as your social security number and birth. It will have JCP word in front of your ID,

Sample ID – JCP-Birth Month-Birth Year-SSN. For example, JCP01996262 

  • Once you verify these details, you can check all the details of former employees you require. All the details will be available on Associate Kiosk Jcp.

Follow The below steps to access your former JCP Associate Kiosk Login employee account.

click on former associate koisk in jcp associate login page

  • Click on “Former Associate Kiosk

click here in jcpenney former associate kiosk page

jcpenney former associate kiosk login

  • On the Oracle PeopleSoft page, please use your UserID.
  • After that, please enter your password.
  • Choose the language of login from English or Spanish.
  • Now click on Sign In.
  • Follow the next steps.

How to Check JCPenny Pay Stub Details

Employees can check every detail after logging into their account. Pay Stub is also one such information accessible after login. There are two ways employees get the payment: one, directly deposited in the bank account, and second, via paper check.

  • If you have received the paper Check, it will be mentioned as “Check” in the instructions.
  • If your salary is deposited directly in the bank, the instructions will say “Bank advice.”

If you have any concerns or issues with the paystub or if you cannot access the paycheck, you are advised to contact payroll support at 1-888-890-8900.

Learn to View and Print JCP Pay Stub on JCPenny KIOSK

  • Login into the JCPenny Kiosk portal and search for the “My Money” tab.
  • In the tab My Money, you will have the option to View Paychecks.
  • You may use the filter option available to see the pay stub of any specific week or month.
  • Now, you may tap on the preview button to view that pay stub
  • If you need a print of that pay stub, select the option to print.
  • You will get the printout of your paystub or paycheck by selecting the print option.

JCPenny Electronic W2S Tax Forms

JCPenney associates are unable to receive their Tax-Forms of W2s quickly. Some of the employees struggle to find this form online. 

Access Tax Form of W2

  • Open the portal link
  • Login to it
  • Please check out the “My Money” option.
  • You will see an option for w2/w2c Consent.
  • Click that option.
  • Now you will receive instructions and notification for retrieval of your w2 form.
  • It will take a few moments to process.
  • Once it becomes available, click OK.
  • You will have to request a re-issue of the form for the previous or current year.

Re-issue your Form

  • Access the cell service area
  • Check payroll and compensation option
  • Choose “JCP W2 Reissue Request”
  • Now the system will process your request.

View and Print your JCP W2 form

To view and print your w2 form, please follow the below guidelines,

  • Accept the KIOSK portal for JCPenney associates.
  • Please check the Menu and access all the forms.
  • Choose “Form W2 or W2C”.
  • Choose a year in which you want to see the form.
  • Click the “Save” button and Print your W2s.
  • You can either print your form or save it.

JCPenney  Associate Kiosk Contact and Support information

Kindly check the numbers given below to solve your specific inquiries. I have provided individual contact for each type of query you might face. Bookmarks this page for accessing the contact details in an emergency.

  • Any issue related to a Pay stub, Call: 1-888-890-8900
  • If your Skylight card is lost, Call: 1-888-606-9800
  • Query related to garnishment Call: 1-866-324-5191
  • W2 Support helpline number: 1-800-567-9248
  • For any help regarding taxes; Call: 1-800-567-9248
  • JCPenny head office contact number: 1-972-431-1000
  • HR office of JCPenney: 1-888-879-2641
  • Time to make Call: Between Morning 8:00 AM to Evening 8:00 PM
  • Working days of the week: Monday to Friday
  • Official email id: 
  • Registered Office Address:

6501 Legacy Drive,
Plano, Texas, United States

W2 Support Line:

There are some rules for getting your W2 documents.

  • You can get the W 2 documents can be re-issued by the employer for up to 7 years only.
  • You will receive them in your email.
  • You can seek help from any former associate regarding printing the W 2 documents for only up to 18 months.
  • For more information, call: 1-800-567-9248

Corporate Office of JC Penney

J.C.Penney Headquarters,
6501, Legacy Drive,
Plano, TX, USA


Whether you are a former employee or current employee, this article may have helped you with every step of the JCP Associate Kiosk Login.

The article includes all the steps and process data relevant to accessing your account. If you are a new employee, find this article very useful.

Using this portal, every employee can relax at the workplace and get all the details whenever they want and whenever they want.

Please get so many other benefits when they use the employee portal. If you are a company, check out all the discounts, offers and further details simply using your login.

Please get in touch with HR whenever required. Resolve the issues that you are facing on the portal

You have to comment if you are seeking additional help from my side. I will join the discussion with you.


I am a former employee of JCPenney, but I cannot connect to my account.

You can only access the former employee account if you worked at JCPenney 18 months ago or within the same time frame. But more months have passed, and then the company may restrict your activities on the portal.

But if you are trying to connect to your account simultaneously, you may face some technical issues with your access. For this, you can contact HR at 1.888.879.2641 and get further help.

As an employee at JCPenny, how much discount can I get?

If you are employed at JCPenney, you get a flat 25% off on every piece of merchandise, and if you are all-star performers, get a 30% discount.

What are the JCPenny Store Hours?

You can visit the official website of JCPenny and click on the “Find a store” option to get the exact store hours.

I am unable to login into My JCPenny Associate Kiosk.

Try the below methods to see if it’s working.

  • Refresh the browser
  • Clear cookies and caches from your browser settings
  • Try opening it in another browser.
  • Cross check the credentials you are using are accurate or not.
  • It may be a server issue, so kindly wait a few minutes and try again later.
  • If nothing works out, call the helpdesk of JCPenny at 1-800-879-1111

I was on leave, and after returning, I could not access the Kiosk. What shall I do?

  • Try refreshing your account,
  • Try to change your password and login again
  • If it is not working, contact your immediate supervisor and share your concern.

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